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Ruthless Research

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Research services

Choosing to commission an independent research project means that you will be able to make evidence-based decisions, and provide the kind of convincing stats and verbatim comments that will help you to produce successful funding applications and project monitoring.  As a supplier of research services, I bring an assurance of credibility to your research project, due to being qualified, experienced and objective.


I am a professional and pragmatic consultant who is skilled in working with those with no prior research knowledge as well as those who are highly research literate. I take pride in enabling others to appreciate the significant role that research can play in information-based decision making, and ensuring clients are provided with useful and usable insight.


About my professional interests:


  • I have extensive experience in research relating to the arts, relating to mental health, relating to inequalities, and generally encouraging evidence-based decision making in organisations that benefit the community.

  • I have a particular interest in the role that the arts play in reducing inequalities, and believe strongly that everyone has a cultural entitlement to access to high quality arts and cultural resources no matter what their individual circumstances.

  • I have had the privilege of getting a unique insight into hundreds of organisations through my work which means that I am well placed to undertake research relating to organisational strategy, business planning and progress, pricing, branding, positioning and communications.


The type of projects that I can help you with include


The full spectrum of research and evaluation services:


  • Evaluating the process or impact of your existing projects, services or initiatives

  • Testing out potential projects, services or initiatives

  • Finding out what your service users, customers, audience, staff or funders think

  • Evaluating or developing your marketing and communications

  • Research with a representative sample of the general public

  • Scoping out a theory or providing data to support an idea

  • Mapping service provision

  • Or simply answering your burning questions about anything and everything!

I am highly skilled in managing and conducting research using a wide range of methodologies.  I therefore offer a bespoke service to meet your needs, including:

Quantitative research:

  • Design of methodology and research tools

  • Fieldwork

  • Analysis

  • Reporting and recommendations

  • Dissemination

  • Project management

  • Questionnaire design

  • Advice on questionnaire design / improving existing questionnaires

  • Web surveys

  • Subcontracting of telephone / postal / face-to-face surveys

  • Omnibus surveys

  • Advice on using omnibus surveys

Qualitative research:

  • Focus groups

  • Depth interviews


Other research:

  • Mapping

  • Mystery shopping


Professional advice and support relating to research:

  • Ad hoc advice

  • Methodology design

  • Finding funding

  • Proposal writing

  • Advice on conducting and analysing your own research

  • Research commissioning support

  • Business and marketing planning

  • Blogging and article writing

  • Bespoke training (including questionnaire design, moderation skills and analysis techniques)






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