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Ruthless Research

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Commissioning Ruthless Research

Commissioning research can be a complicated business.  Sometimes you know what you want to do but you don't know who you should get to do it.  Sometimes you have no idea what you want to do, but you suspect research might be the answer.


How to commission Ruthless Research


The first step in the process is to contact me and arrange to meet for a discussion with no obligations.  In this meeting you can tell me about your organisation and what you would like to achieve through research, and I will help you to pick apart what you need and how research can help.  In the meeting I will provide you with some initial thoughts on ways your needs could be addressed.


If you like the way I work, I will provide you with a written proposal outlining methodologies, timescales, outputs and costs for your research project - again with no obligation.


If the proposal doesn't meet your needs, I will revise it until it does - still with no obligation.


If you like the proposal and wish to proceed, you can commission me to undertake the project outlined in the proposal.  This is the point at which we are both committing to work together.


Applying for funding


If you are applying for project funding through a trust or grant source, building evaluation into your project plan can improve your chances of success.  I am happy to help you to plan the evaluation component of your project and the corresponding funding application.


About the money


Budgets are always limiting, but then research methodologies are always a compromise.  I strive to provide you with the best and most focused research possible within your budget, to ensure that your priorities are addressed and your objectives met.  


I am happy to negotiate a daily rate, or work at a fixed price.  Either way, between us we will come up with a mutually satisfactory solution to your research needs.


If you don't have any money


If you have not secured a research budget but intend to do so through approaching trust or grant funders, I am happy to advise on this process and feed into funding applications if you intend to commission me when the funding comes through.  



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